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Default Dishonest hunt review....the real story

The post above entitled, “RUN DON’T WALK WAY FROM” is a lie. In fact this particular post has now become the centerpiece for a law suit against the man that posted it, unless he removes it promptly. You must understand as you read hunt reviews that sometimes they are true and sometimes they are intentional attacks on one outfitter by another outfitter. Just recently a person was successfully sued for posting exaggerated comments on an outfitter in Wyoming. Persons are responsible for all comments they post in a Court of Law. Sometimes these hunt reviews are just a mad hunter who’s expectations were too high. They can also be the hunt reviews of a hunter that did not do their part during the trip. While I hate outfitters that provide poor hunts, I also do not approve of anyone using a forum section to defame another person with dishonest comments. Here is the real version of what happened to Greg on his hunt.

This hunter hunted in 2003 out of our 5 Starr Lodge in Pike County, Illinois during the 1st Gun season. His hunt review says, “The lodge was overcrowded, overpriced, with lunch meat and hamburgers for meals.” HOWEVER This lodge is really a 5 starr lodge with some rooms containing Jacuzzis. The lodge has a capacity for over 100 hunters. During the first gun in Illinois we normally book 20 hunters. Thus with 100 person capacity you can plainly see the lodge was not overcrowded. The food at the lodge is wonderful with food inclusive of steaks, chops, hams, appetizers, ceasar salads, fresh steamed vegetables, and we even have “theme” food nights, like “Italian Night” etc. WE DO NOT SERVE LUNCHMEAT AS ENTREES AS THIS USER STATES!

This hunter indicates deer stands were hung 30 to 35 feet in the air. This is not true. All stands are setup with 15 foot strap on climbing ladder sticks. These sticks are manufactured at 15 feet. This puts the stand at 15 at it’s highest possible point. Most stands are hung 2 feet below the top of the tree sticks making them 13 feet high. Stands may be higher only if the client requests an additional section of ladder stick be attached. We have never hung a 30 foot stand in our 13 year history. This is not true.

This hunter reports minimal deer sightings, however during this camp despite high winds and drizzle 20 hunters saw 734 deer in a mere 3 days, 41 record book bucks, and had 25 chances to shoot record book bucks at less than 30 yards. The success rate on shots at trophy deer exceeded the number of hunters in camp during this hunt he speaks poorly of. HERE IS A CRUCIAL ISSUE TO OBSERVE. Out of all 20 hunters only 4 of them did not have encounters with record book deer. 3 of those 4 hunters were in this man’s group that is complaining. The truth is while everyone else was having a blast, this man’s group was upset. Sometimes a hunting group will experience bad luck. Other times a hunting group doesn’t know what they are doing and will not listen, and play on cell phones while hunting. My guess is if everyone was happy with the exception of the 3 men in this group that some outside dynamic is present that the hunter is responsible for. On this particular hunting group they did not hunt the last day of the hunt decreasing their odds by 33%.

In the end if anyone has a poor hunt the first step in resolving it is contacting the outfitter for negotiations. This individual did not do this. This shows poor problem solving skills, as I am an honest man and work hard to appease my clients.

By the way we see this person in 2003 states we would not be in business much longer however we are still in business and have won more awards than any other whitetail outfitter in the Nation.

The hunter reports multiple people were written tickets by DNR. This is not true at all.

Note the hunter indicated his expectation was to kill a Booner or a deer over 170 inches. This is not realistic. The Boone and Crockett Club reports the odds of killing a Booner are 1.4 million to 1. Thus this hunter probably passed some good deer thinking he could kill a Booner and ended up empty handed. This is just a guess while all other information is a fact.

The hunter indicates that the owner scores deer inaccurately, however this client is assuming. This client never viewed the owner scoring a deer. This is another fraudulent version of the story to defame this outfitter.

The hunter reports that favoritism was given to a celebrity hunter. This is absolutely not true. Note that the only other hunter that did not see a trophy deer was the celebrity hunter. We have never given special treatment to celebrities and in fact stop taking them on hunts because they expected it. IN THE END THE TRUTH IS, ONCE IN A WHILE YOU HAVE A GUY THAT DOESN’T KILL A DEER. THEY GET MAD. THEY GET ON THE INTERNET AND THEY DEFAME AND LIE INSTEAD OF CALL AND NEGOTIATE AND TALK THINGS OUT. This person is currently being sued for his hunt post.

I am not against hunting reviews. I simply believe they should be accurately reported. I also believe the website would provide a system of safeguards for both hunter and outfitter that are effective. Unfortunately it is my opinion that this system of safeguards may not be present at this location.
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