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Originally Posted by Jeff Ovington View Post
I live in British Columbia..With all the available Crown Land around, I'm able to hunt alot of square miles of public land so I'm able to go to where big game animals want to be or need to pass through during migrating periods.. Not sure what's it's like in some places to the South,
but I'd say alot of hunters might be very very restricted in areas they are able to hunt.. So yeah as much as I agree that hunting should be hunting, I also think there is a legitimate place in the hunting industry for animal attractants that cater to those hunters who are
forced to hunt animals in confined areas, cause 100 meters further in all directions it's private or someone is hunting along side of you..
Just putting it out there..
I think most everyone here is in agreement with you. Scents in liquid form are part of the hunt, and legal in almost every (if not every) state. Salt blocks are legal in some states. Also, lack of scent, cover scents, or scent eliminators play an essential role in the hunt.
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