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Got out this morning before work after a few nice birds that have been hanging out near my house. Set up in the blind in an area they often pass through early after flying down. Only heard them gobble twice on roost, and shortly after fly down i had one hen come walking by scratching for some food and i figured that was all i would see since i had to leave for work by 645. ten minutes later i hear walking and here comes more birds, i gave a few calls and see two toms start strutting around. There were around 6 hens with them and they worked right by the blind, not paying too much attention to my calls. The toms went right to the decoy and I hammered one with the bow at only 8 yards. Great morning and now gotta try to get a bigger one with the second tag. This bird weighed 18 lbs 6 oz, had a 9 3/4 inch beard, one spur just over an inch and one an inch.
Your score is 18.375 + 11.25 + 10 + 19.5 = 59.125

My new lab pup liked the bird and would just lay next to it if i walked away.

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