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RJP, sometimes if a gobbler won't come to me, I go to them. That is if you have enough cover between you and the gobbler. I hunted a gobbler a few years ago that absolutely would not come regardless of what I did. Soft calling, aggressive calling, very little calling, it didn't matter. My next move was to go to him. As usual, he was gobbling next to a clearcut. I called and he gobbled as usual, but didn't budge. I crept to within 100 yards of him. When I got closer, I purred and scratched leaves. He gobbled like crazy. I then backed off about 30 yards yelping softly. I kept backing up a little while yelping. He couldn't stand it that this hen was actually leaving him and here he came. A few minutes later he was 30 yards away for an easy shot. You may try circling around and cutting him off, that is if you pretty much know which way he usually heads. If you know his pattern, you can intercept him coming to roost. You can tag team him. Have someone call like you usually do and you set up where he usually heads. Of course this will probably be the time he decides to go to the calls. Just don't give up on them. A turkey can change moods in a heartbeat. If you are not having luck off the roost, try hunting around noon. This is a great time to kill gobblers. You probably already know this though. I have hunted many times where I heard no gobbling or got no response in the morning only to go back around noon and score on a longbeard.
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