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Well we are back at it again today, it is a struggle here in Kentucky as it appears the birds might have breed starting in March. Hens are flying down and going right to nest, toms will not come to decoys or anything. Any tips would be great cause we only have one more weekend to hunt them.
I am a newb so I may not be able to help. But I will tell you my experiences last weekend. I am in Southern Ohio. The hens were nesting already when I started last weekend.

Last Saturday was youth day in Ohio. I took my boy to a hunting lease where we set up decoys and did some calling. Our decoys were 2 jakes and 2 hens. One hen per jake. My method was to do some "slight" box calling every fifteen minutes. It brought in 5 jakes in the morning but my son bypassed those. After lunch it brought in two huge toms. Oh yes he got one. The Toms came in 100% silent. That is why the 15 minute breaks between box calling.

Last Monday was the first day of adult hunting. I went to another lease I bought where there hasn't been any turkey hunting for 10 years according to the landowner (they only hunt deer). I did the exact same box calling every fifteen minutes. I had two huge toms come in loud. It took them about 30-45 minutes to reach me. My method was the same. I did the 15 minute space in between box calling and then when I finally got a return gobble I stopped all calling. I figured the toms had a "fix" on my location. They took their sweet time to reach me but I figured patience is the most important thing I need to use against them. They had to fly across a creek to get to me and my decoys.

All of this is to say, I spaced out my box calling every 15 minutes. I didn't try to overdo it. Once I got the return gobble on my adult hunting trip I stopped once I knew they had a fix on my call location. Staying silent I believe helped bring the toms to me because they were gobbling so much I think they wanted my hens to fly to them.

Maybe this will help you. Not sure. I am a newb so take this for what it is worth.

Good luck.
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