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I bought my first BP rifle, in 1978, $155.00 NIB. A t/c renegade. Shot the daylights out of it for years, I always got a kick out of shooting a RB into a cinderblock and watching it explode. I use a musket cap on mine for the last few years anyway; more positive ignition in the semi-damp weather we have here in western Washington. I also back fill the nipple of a cold barrel with a few grains of 4f bp (got some years ago from a flinter, very handy to have); when I have done this, I have never had a miss-fire. The one time I did not do this about 20 years ago I was 20 yards from the biggest blacktail buck I have seen. No buck fever, no shaking, just a steady front sight on the bucks breast bone (he was standing still looking at me). Squeezed the trigger and just a pop of the cap. Big buck turned and walked away, like he knew I could do nothing to him. Bummer and learning lesson. I like using only BP in my side lock as the ignition is easier than pryodex or 777, also in the slightly damp misty weather we get here, BP still ignites (although you may get a hang fire, 777will turn to pudding with any significant degree of moisture. I have shot both RB and Maxiball thru mine, though I prefer RB. I hand cast mine at.527 and used a greased cotton t-shirt that still has a little body for patching, finding that 110 grs 2f does wonders. Killed a bull this year, one shot through heart with that load. Bull went maybe 30 yards. Side to side penetration, I really wanted to recover that RB, but not to be.

Shot a cow in Yakima in 95 with same rifle using a 435 gr conical in front of 110 grs BP. recovered the slug under skin on far side all smashed up. Best hunting fun there is, with BP rifles. Enjoy that Renegade, I wouldn't part with mine for $1,000.00. nope.

Happy hunting
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