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Default Opportunity Results not what they say

I thought this must be added to this thread to keep the hunting community informed and protected. I hunted with IMB in the 2011 Missouri Muzzleloader season. There were at least 24 hunters in camp, two shots fired, I knew of maybe 5 shooters seen. Outiftter offered entire camp a free two man turkey hunt in the spring and a reduced 2012 hunt for the terrible results.....yet somehow we managed to produce a 93% opportunity result on the web page? I will say that even though the week was tough I actually re-booked for 2012, that is until I saw this 93% figure. Integrity is probably the single most important aspect of a paid hunt and yet it obviously doesn't exist at IMB. The food/camp and farms all were great. I think Darrin does all the hunter placement, not sure how he can manage so many decisions, guides would do better. No food plots and all of the farm fields were cut to the ground - needed to have either plots or some of the crops left standing in order to sustain a successful late season hunt. Tread cautiously. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. At least the "opportunity" results. PS. if you are on stand on the edge of a 1000 acre field and see a shooter 1000 yards away - it counts as an opportunity?
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