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The lee classic cast press is better than the RCBS rockchucker. There, I said it! It has one feature that makes it better, the way the spent primers are handled. They go straight through the middle of the hollow ram into a plastic hose that can be directed into a can, bottle or the cap can be left on the hose to accumulate the primers. It made of cast iron that has old railroad rails in it.

The all steel linkage is adjustable for right/left hand use and length of throw. It able to accept the LNL bushings ,,,,----if you're crazy enough to want to use them. Also, the lee safety prime makes primer feeding automatic. IIRC, it's also available with the lee breech lock bushings,(an answer to a problem that doesn't exist, same with the LNL).

If you're wanting something that's faster than a single stage, then the lee classic turret is the answer. It too has the spent primer through the ram disposal system. Coupled with the safety prime and pro auto disk powder measure, it can easily make 300 rounds per hour. Caliber changes are less than a minute, IF you buy extra turrets at 10-12 bucks apiece. You set the dies once, never have to screw them in an out again.

No, I don't work for lee. I just appreciate their loaders and related equipment. I've been loading since 1962, and using lee equipment for that long. The first shells I loaded were 8mm mauser loads using a classic lee hammer loader. Some call it the whack-a-mole-loader.
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