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The Lyman Book of Armaments (Reloading Guide) is now in it's 49th edition, and has tons of info for novice reloaders and buttloads of data for Glocks and their proprietary calibers.
Yeah, I know, .40 S&W has been around for a while.
But some things you need to watch out for are..
1. Cartridge Over All Length. Too long, rounds jam on the ramp or the slide fails to close; Too short, you get accuracy problems as the bullet tumbles into the forcing cone.
2. Pressure signs. You need to pay attention to how flat the primers are and how much the case is bulging so you don't orbit the slide. Never start below the indicated loads, work up in increments less than half-a-grain until either the guns "sweet spot" is reached, or you get pressure signs.
3. Don't be fooled into thinking you're going to use just one brand of bullet. The gun may not like 180gr Berrys, and instead, prefer XTP's.
4. Same with powder. And for that matter, cases, and primers. HP38 will probably get you started, the gun may like the burn rate of 231 better. Nosler bullets over Sierra. It might hate Winchester cases and prefer Federals..

just a few points I can think of in a few minutes...

ask questions. The guys here are pretty darn knowledgeable.
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