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Let me tell you people that don't have a clue about drugs and the power they have. I have lived it for 20 years with the addiction of my son since the age of 14 when he first started experimenting with them. He has done it all and now is into prescription drugs ie Zanex, Percoucit (sp) etc etc. To the uneducated minds about drug abuse as some of you seem to process it looks easy, Why not just stop? My son has been on life support 3 times in different hospitals, you would think he would have learned by now right? First and for most, once you have been addicted to drugs you don't stop unless you want to, makes no difference if you have all the money and friends in the world, YOU HAVE TO WANT TO STOP or it wont stop. Sure it was Whitney that introduced drugs to her body with the help of BB and that was her doing but the power of drugs kept her in it and she didn't really want to quite. She wasn't surrounded by friends, she was surrounded by enablers.
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