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Well I haven't been on huntingnet in awhile and I was kinda missing it so I logged on and realized I hadn't posted nothing in quite awhile. I even forgot the bow hunting contest which sucks. Two years that I have missed it I have taken two of my best archery bucks. So anyway, I had a pretty great season this year and wanted to share my Ohio trip with you all.

First of all it was a special trip because I finally talked my grandpa into going with me. We had went two or three years in a row to his cousins and hunted in Ohio but after he sold his property and moved we hadn't went out of our home state together. But it wasn't for my lack of trying, as I started bowhunting with a friend of mine from Ohio and had went three straight years before this year. Well this year rolls around and my grandpa changed his mind several times leading up to the trip. Finally the night before I left I talked him into going and went over to his place to make sure he actually packed. I loaded everything in the truck and went home...only to return early the next morning to pick him up and get headed out.

Four hours later we are at my friends and we head over to the pool house where we stay when hunting up there. My grandpa is pleasently surprised with the hunting land and the pool house. We quickly get our tags and head back over to the property so he can hunt that evening while my friend and I hang the three climbers and my grandpa's lock on stand. We get everything setup and unpack while he is hunting...he finally returns and says he seen a couple bucks but nothing in range. He didn't really like hunting next to the pond on the edge of the standing corn because of how open you feel not in a stand or blind. But its a good stand.

The next morning my grandpa hunts a corner of a huge farmers corn field and I hunt another corner on the same field. My buddy hunts across from us on the far end of the field in the middle of a drainage that runs behind a couple houses. That morning my grandpa saw a dandy 8pt but didn't feel comfortable shooting 40+yrds with his xbow so he passed. I saw a couple young bucks work a fence line where the woods met the corn on a edge of standing soybeans. But my buddy shot a small doe at first light and when got down and was backing out to get the commander spotted two nice bucks working the drainage toward him. So he hunkers down and waits...but they bed down so he texts me to drive the truck down the road by the drainage.

So I do and the two bucks stand up and watch as the truck goes by. Once out of sight the bigger 8pt sneaks straight to my buddies left and into the corn...not far behind him the 10pt follows. So he texts me to come back with the commander to get the doe. On my way up the drainage with the commander we jump another small 8pt that was bedded behind a couple round haybales that were left were the woods begins. So we get the doe and decide to move our stands into the drainage which is probaly 900yrds long from the road to the barn where the corn and beans meet. So we move my grandpas stand to the start of the drainage about 100yrds into the woods. My buddy moves his stand away from the corn and about 400yrds in from the start of the drainage. I bite the bullet and move my stand to the back of the drainage about 100yrds from the end.

After all that we shower and go back out while my buddy cuts up his doe. I hunt the same stand I hunted that morning and my grandpa hunts his lock on since it was at the start of the drainage. He has a wonderful evening where he gets to see five bucks cross all around him from the corn towards the neighbor houses and back. Right at dark he catches a glimpse of the big 8pt walking the edge of the corn...but its just too dark for him to take the shot.

So the next morning we go in way early....hour and a half before dark we are in stand ready to shoot....and nothing. We sit all day and nothing....only saw one or two squirrels all day...and then right before dusk I hear something in the corn....I stand up and get ready.....and wait. Thirty seconds pass and suddenly a fox squirrel runs up a tree and starts barking. After just a few barks I hear a deer coming at trot....the ten point finally reveals himself and he is at a half trot headed towards the drainage off the finger I'm positioned on. I quickly draw and start baa'ing at him. Once, twice, three times and finally he stops...right infront of a darker colored tree that I had ranged several times through the day at 61yrds. I hold the sixty yard pin right above the huge bodied deers heart and let the g5 t3 tipped axis fly from my Z7X. The buck high kicks and runs right at me.

From twenty seven feet I get a good look at the entrance and exit wounds as blood is pumping out both sides while the buck stands under me. After a maybe ten seconds the buck takes off in a full death run tail down. I hear him as he goes out of sight hit the small creek and start up the other side. So I sit down and start to gather my things when I get a text from my friend: "Did you shoot at a buck?" I reply with a "yeah but I'm not for sure how big he is". So I go back to gathering up stuff and lowering it down when I hear him walking up from the way I entered my stand. I show him where he was, describe where the entrance and exit wounds were and show him the massive blood pile under my stand. The wounds were a couple inches high of middle of the body on the bucks huge body. Definetly lethal.

Its now dark and we try to find the arrow but no luck, and I figure oh well I will find it later on the trip. So we go back to the stand and start the tracking. Pretty easy chore with the t3 size hole cut in the buck. After 150yrds we see someone flash a light at us. "Hey" I yell. "Are you all looking for something?" my grandpa yells back. "Yeah my buck." I answer. "Well he is over here!" So we skip the next 60-80yrds of tracking and run over to him.

Turns out the buck cut straight across the "C" shaped drainage and died infront of my grandpa. It was great to hear what he saw as well...which was the buck come at a run from the creek and slow down at the bottom of the bank that elevates into green field behind the neighbor houses. After standing there for ten or twenty seconds the buck tried to make the bank but fell and attempted to get up again only to fall again and slide belly up halfway back down leaving only 15yrds between him and the greenfield. Talk about a short drive to where we could get the truck.

But the bad thing is after just a few more days of hunting with several encounters my grandpas asthma started to bother him se he left early...but I will never forget this buck and our trip. He has taught me everything I know about hunting and getting him to get a permit to use a xbow here in wv is something I will always cherish due to the memories we share bowhunting. But it wasn't a bad season for him he tagged out here in WV with his xbow before we left for ohio.

Now if I could only talk him into qdm...
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