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Smile heres the thing

you can ask around and we can all tell you about what we use and what we like. which is great, but you make the decision in the end... i use an RCBS single stage, i go to the range with my rifles at least 3 times a month and poke at least 20 holes with each rifle i bring. usually my 7mmRM but sometimes a 7-08 and 45-70. 120 rounds minimum a month. I dont sit at the bench every night but i dont do a long haul once a month either. This is the same press my father used. and sometimes still uses. when was younger my dad and i went to the range at least 12 times a month. most of the time for a couple hours at a time. we took 2 .223 ARs , 2 .44's , 2 .357's, a 45 70, my own rifles one of them is my 7-08 and a 270, his 270 and some 22's which are cheap.Absolutely throw some brass. He reloaded all of this EVERY WEEK. except 22lr of course. using this single stage press. Used a progressive for a bit, sold it because he found it useless.

heres why
if you shoot in your back yard every single day thousands of rounds per week, go ahead get a progressive. ive shot alot of rounds and never found a use for one because unless you either go with your buddies every other day and shoot 1000 rounds or shoot every day 1000 rounds a day its a waste of money.

single stage press has my heart. i like a turret for handgun.
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