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Originally Posted by hossdaniels View Post
In NC, we have a subsidized state lab that provides free soil test, at least for now. Several other states do, but not all of them. I'm fairly certain it will need to be shipped to a lab, but the co op may handle it.

If you need lime, shoot for a minimum 6 months ahead of planting. Few bother to do it early, but it makes a big difference on pH sensitive crops like red clover or alfalfa. Something like cowpeas or rye could probably be planted at time of application and get by OK.
i sense in wasting money to do it again, you might be looking at missing a season, but the next year would pay off better...
john deere landscapes/lesco does soil test..$ can mail em in and results are a week away.
also asking a nearby farmer, they know already, and soil(here anyway) is the same from across 700 acres(i know i did 2 test and they were the same(ish)). i am sure it could be totally different givin the right circumstances.
deer wont change their diet to eat a lil of what you got, cause it can take 2 weeks, then after they have to switch with that...instead, ask a farmer what the deer eat most of outta his crop, then plant that. what ever it is it should be native to the area.
oak(acorn) tree's take awhile, but is the best, longest lasting food supplement you can provide. though it could be many years before they give off.
clover is popular
peas are good, but need to be maintained....if the bud gets nipped, it's dead, hence the term, nip it in the chicken wire on a frame over the peas helps, but 1 hard to do.

try doing 4 types of seed that might work...draw a map, put them in different rows/areas so next year you can see what they really want and you can tripple up on that.
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