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Most basic soil tests from a lab will also give you nutrient requirements. The cheap probes that you can buy will not. Add the lime, and possibly the fertilizer (depending on the soil test results) before you disk it.

I'd also suggest getting a bottom plow, or a chisel plow, or at least spraying before disking land that has been laid out that long. The disk is going to have a hard time getting started without something either loosening up the hard ground or at least eliminating the vegetation on the surface.

I have seen some people get by with out doing any of that by running the disk a couple dozen passes. That is just a lot of unnecessary work.

What to spray depends on what you plant and which weed you want to kill. For grasses in clover, I like clethodim (arrow, select) and crop oil.

I dont know enough about kansas to make good recommendations, but clover usually ends up near the top for most people.

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