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Default New to food plots. Have some question on planting process.

Newbe here to food plots. Been hunting since i was a kid but never been able to plant a food plot. I finally gained access to a 60 acre peice of property where i can plant a 1 acre plot and have a bunch of questions on planting process. I have access to a brush hog, 8ft. disc, rake, and roller. All 3 point tractor hook ups. Also have a 7 gal. walk behind seed spreader.

The acre plot is an over grown crp feild. First thought was not to knock it down because of cover but after walking the property there is a huge amount of cover in the timber for the deer. Im not to for sure what to plant yet.

First question is the ph level test. Is this going to tell me if i am going to need fertilizer depending on what i plant? Or dose this just going to tell me if i need lime or not?

Second question. After brush hogging and discing, do i add fertilizer/lime, then work it in the ground with the rake. Then thow seed and work that into the ground with the rake, or use the roller. Or do i add it all at one time and work it into the ground together? This is where i get my confusion, The order/steps to plant the seed.

Thrid question. After planting seed, how often and what do you guys spray your plot with?

Also the plot will be planted in NE Kansas. Any suggestion on what to plant will be greatful. I would like to plant something maybe late summer that will last me all hunting seaon.

Thanks for the input and sorry for the long post.
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