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Default Florida bowfishing

well been down here in the Naples area for a week now. getting the saltwater figuredout, another thing onfresh. first trip outsalt water i was by my self for 2.5 hrs. as far as i know now you can shoot, flounder, sheephead, mullet and cow nose rays. Mullet are like shad, schools of them pretty nice size but boaring. I did manage to shoot 2 sheephead (good eating). cleaned and gave the to the guy who is letting me hog hunt on his place. went out fresh water today this far south all you can find is canals. they all have steep banks and lots of weeds. did not see a fish only one 3foot gator. You can shoot Talapia, gar, mullet. I always thought Talapia were salt water, but theyare fresh. been out hog hunting twice first trip seen 2, second nothing going again in the morning. I'LL take mid west bow fishing any time overthis. I'll keep you posted
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