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Default the hard way

Jeff i agree with you on this point. We've turned a primative desire into a commercial interprise of sorts. I have never seen so many wares on the market to take weekend warriors they can brag about killing a deer they have photographed, hog tied, staked down with a bulls eys on it, saying "Shoot me here" with your 7mm mag. I hate seeing those guys shooting deer in Texas on the roads where its obvious they have scattered corn for the mornings hunt. I sound critical and i know dear still have an edge...but we have lowered the bar on what it means to have a trophy on the wall. Big deal today...Not to mention, we shouldn't be surprised when cultural opinion of what they see on these shows turns against us. I'm a devoted hunter and I hate to watch it. Bait and soapbox that has offended probably most of those who read.
Just as Jeff said...learn to hunt...not just shoot something. BTW...if you don't have good acorn trees, and need to use food supplements...plant them or put them where deer come onto your propterty...but don't hunt off them.
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