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Originally Posted by bronko22000 View Post
Very nice buck. And look at that cover. You could walk 15 yds past him and you would never see him if he held tight. About the only way that you will get him is persistance and possibly agressive moves. Its getting late in the season. Try still hunting his bedroom. Moving slowly, very slowly. 100 yds in 1/2 hour. Take a step, look around, take another step, look around. Be sure the wind is in your face.
Or you can try grunting him in. One or two short grunts every 15 mins to 1/2 hour and use ample amounts of buck urine.
Obviously your trees stand location isn't his primary stomping grounds.
Your suggestion about hunting this buck cannot be applied to this location due to the fact that this is a suburban buck,and the amount of land I'm limited to is 6 acres.Right over the bucks rear is a couple of houses only 100 yards away.You are right about the cover beyond the buck being thick.It is a swamp with about 1-2 feet of water in sections and small mounds within it.200 yards from the edge of the swamp you are looking at is another road with some big expensive homes.The deer run the edge of this swamp and the woods the buck is standing in.Just over the buck you can also see a beech tree branch with leaves;and right below it is a huge 5 foot scrape (slightly covered with fallen leaves now).There are about 3 other smaller scrapes around this tree also.All together,it is a pretty tight piece of cover,but the deer (including some other good bucks I got on camera)use frequently.
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