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It depends on the area you are hunting. If you are brush hunting, the 30/30 is far more maneuverable, will "get on the shoulder" quicker, is a larger round so doesn't deflect off of branches as much, and has more than enough power to take deer out past 200 yards which is twice the distance that most people will ever shoot. Realistically, 50 yard shots are the most common and therefore rifle functionality, not ballistics, should be the determining factor. Choose a round that fits within your recoil acceptability bracket and select a rifle based on the type of hunting you will be doing. A 270 is a good round, but it will not perform noticeably better than a 30/30 unless you are hunting an open area that allows you to reach out and hit deer at distances greater than 200 yards which is very uncommon despite what you hear from the keyboard hunters on the internet. If you want a 30/30, the Marlin 336c is a FANTASTIC lever action that has been around forever and is very reliable. If you are wanting a 270, any quality manufacturer will provide you with a quality firearm.
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