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I dont have an opinion on what bow as Im in the same boat myself trying to find my daughter who is 12 one for Christmas.

I did help a 14 year old track a deer he shot with low poundage, around 35# with a Hoyt youth bow earlier this year.He was shooting thunderheads and the arrow went in and would have blown all the way through if it hadnt hung up on the far side rib after it broke it.The tip was actually poking through the skin and we had a good blood trail.

I dont neccassarily agree with shooting this low of poundage, matter of fact the guy he was hunting with and I had several discussions about it where i told him it wasnt enough.I have revised my opinion on this somewhat, 25 yrds with a good broadside/quartering away shot should kill a deer but you may not have an exit hole.
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