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Default What bow for sister?

All right guys my sister has decide she wants to bow hunt with us next year so I am researching bows that are adjustable from low poundage to a higher poundage so as she grows it grow with her. So far I have found the Mission bows several of which look really good, Bear bows, and the Diamond Razor Edge.
She should end up being around 5'8'' to 5'10'' she just turned 14 I am thinking if she practices all summer if she gets one for christmas she could handle 40#s for hunting but we want to get her something that she will be able to shoot for awhile and adjust to her needs. She has shot 4-H archery so she has dealt with bows but really wants to get into bow hunting with her 2 older brothers. So what bows have you guys gotten for your sisters or wives that meet these specs? I am really liking the Mission bows.
Also what would you guys consider minimum poundage for a 25 yards shot on a deer with muzzy 100 gr. 3 blades? As much as a love the Rages I know they will not work with low poundage so going to stick with fixed heads for now until she gets bigger.
Have any of you guys had any experiences with these?
Any and all help will be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance for any feed back.
P.S. Any of you female bow hunters pitch in to on what yall are shooting and what do you think about your bow.
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