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Default Hornady SST 1 hangfire, 2 misfires?


Saw a buck this morning in the crp/cedar field, lost site of him as he meandered around.
About an hour later he pops out on the trail 15 yards broadside.
Put the crosshairs right in the kill zone, squeeze....CLICK!!!!

WTH look at my shells, yep 4 so I know it's loaded, as I'm looking down the gun goes off, buck runs off.

Oh man, get down hoping for a clean miss, nope I find hair.
Raining pretty steady so I get right on the trail he took, find no blood.
As I'm doubling back checking all the cross trails I see his rack across the creek, he's bedded down about 60 yards, alert and head up watching his back trail.

I put a tree between he and I, stalk within about 40 yds, get a good rest on the tree.
Whistle to get him to stand, he stands giving me a broadside shot, squeeze, CLICK!!!!!!!!!!
He's looking my direction, **** and squeeze again...CLICK!!!!

He bolts...
I walk down to his bed, no blood but there is some hair, head in the direction he went until I get to the property line, never find a drop of blood or other sign.

Return to the truck and jack another shell in, CLICK!!!
Went off on the second pull, so 1 hang fire and 2 misfires.

So.. gun, bad box of ammo?
I'm ruling out rain because the remaining shell hardly an indentation on the primer.
So it's either the gun or ammo.

Anyone hear of bad SSTs or an H&R USH having short strike issues?
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