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I work in Rockville, and only seen little chase. I live in King and Queen. Saw a buck saturday morning nose to the ground, but when I bleated at him he didn't pay me any attention. Shot a 9pointer last saturday and he was hot and bothered for a doe. I was calling at a doe when he came charging in. I surprised him though. This has been a tough season with the hurricane damage and temp changes.

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Nice looking 8 pt. Very symmetrical and mature enough to be a keeper. I have a few questions, I'm in Hanover, VA...where was the deer harvested? Have you just recently seen a fair sign that the rut is picking up? Did you have any scent out or did you just use the bleat to get him within range?

I have my share of time in stand this year, since October 1 for archery season. Every year I have busted a nice buck on opener of muzzleloader season but I haven't had this bad of a season in 4 years! Last eve I had a bruiser snort wheeze at my location after having a thinks bomb out and a few cadences with my rack, but he stayed out of distance, which gave me the thought of him being a wise, mature buck that wasn't playing my game. Haven't seen the does like past years either.

Did your buck smell like he was in full rut? I'm not sure what's up this year because I'm seeing scrapes and rubs, a few bucks (2 shooters) but none are acting like the rut is on. Its been on and off from a few comments from buddy hunters with a handful of shooters taken in archery, but not alot this muzzleloader season...yet. With the new moon week free next, Wednesday to Friday is supposed to be hot.

I'm spending the mornings this week in stand and maybe an afternoon hunt or two due to business obligations, but i was wondering where in VA, and how was the smell? Thanks in advance...badly searching for the areas rut report.
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