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Default Unusual situation...what would you do?

A few weeks ago I was with my uncle track a deer he shot the night before when found a dead doe. This doe was obviously shot with a 4 blade broadhead and had died recently, still warm. The shot was high in the chest and did not go completley through. It had been raining throught the night and into the morning so there was no blood trail to back track to the stand or person who shot it.

We both decied we didnt want to let it go to waste...but we didnt want to seal someone elses deer. I field dressed it and we waited over an hour for any signs of someone to be tracking it. After waiting we drug it to a pipe line and took a break. Shortly afterwards here comes a hunter to claim his doe.

As it turns out he didnt see the doe drop from his stand but was able to see us standing around where he last saw her but couldnt tell what we were doing. He didnt want to come down while we were in the area but when he saw us dragging it he knew he better get there quick. There was no confrontation of any type, we were happy he found us to get his deer, he was happy we found it...and gutted it. My uncle returned to the search and I helped him finish the drag to his truck.

What would you guys do in this situation?
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