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I have 5 rifles that get used depending on my whim and one TC pistol.

The pistol is a Thompson Center single shot in .308. I am going to get a scope for it this summer, it is currently irons. After I get a scope on it and sighted in, it will be used but until then it is a single shot .22.

My first true hunting rifle is a Marlin 336 .30-30. It is irons at the moment but thinking of putting an aimpoint on it. I feed it 180 gr. winchester softpoints. I use it for brush situations and when I just feel like it needs some lead ran through it.

My second hunting rifle is a Winchester model 70 in .270. I have a nikon scope and nikon rings and bases plus a thumbhole stock on it currently, and feed it factory hornady superformance 140 gr. SST. This is my primary rifle and is used most of the time unless I know I will be hunting brush. This will be the rifle I will bring if I get the opportunity to elk hunt, I will then switch to the superformance 130 gr. GMX for a solid bullet with good expansion, but will hold together for penetration.

My third rifle is a full length mosin-nagant not the carbine version. It is irons and it is purely for hogs and only on a whim will I bring it, because it is long and ungainly but I still like to take it out occasionally. I shoot soft points out of it I don't have the box in front of me so I can't remember the grain. It is cool to be able to shoot that piece of history it is all matching serial numbers and the manufacture date was 1943 if I remember right got it for 100 bucks at a gun show and am very pleased with the purchase.

My fourth rifle is a Henry big boy .44 mag. It is irons and it is purely for brush situations and fast shots. It is also purely on a whim that I bring this rifle I usually flip a coin on whether this rifle or the .30-30 gets the nod.

My fifth rifle is a pig, deer, and varmint gun and many people will disagree with me. It is an AR-15 in .223, yes I know this seems small but it is all about shot placement. You hit a pig in the forehead and he doesn't care if it is 300 RUM or .223. I have killed several pigs with this gun and they were all clean kills, it is all about shot and bullet selection. I have also killed a couple deer with it with noggin shots, but you can also shoot them in the bread basket with a good bullet and they do not run far. AR-15 is also great for eradication purposes you can take out several pigs in a group with quick well placed shots.

Well there are all of my big game guns. Any of the above mentioned would also work for black bear also I think, but I would probably take the .270 because if I get the chance to bear hunt I am going to anchor him and not take any chances, same goes for elk/moose. The mosin-nagant might also get taken on an elk hunt one day also, but it would be for nostalgia purposes only, and to add to the challenge of having to get close but, then the .30-30 might also to.

If I get the chance to go grizzly hunting though I am going to seize the opportunity to get a .375 bolt gun or .45-70 lever gun haha.

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