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Here is my season so far.
I have been out for 3 weekend hunts. My spot is just over 2 hours away so I am limited to weekend hunts.
I hunted from sunrise to sunset on Sat. Saw 14 deer, 8 bucks, 2 seperate heavy chase scenarios, but off at a distance, they were 200-300 plus yds away.
Every doe had a buck on their trail.
The forcast for Sat. afternoon and Sun. was wind warnings...great.
I hunted in the wind Sun morning, deer activity was not nearly a heavy as to the prior day. I was planning on sticking the first fat doe.
At 9:30 a solo doe walks by on the 23 yd trail. She stopped right at 23 yds and looked back behind her. There is a time and place when you should stick a doe, and this was not the time.
She continued on, about 30 seconds later I could see horns comming thru the thicket right on her trail. To me its a bow shooter.
He came right on the 23 yd trail walking slowly with his nose on the ground. I draw my Mathews and I could not get him to stop. I let a rage fly.
I hit it high and spined it, he dropped in his tracks. I'm not sure why I was high but I had loins. I still have 1 more buck tag, and that is reserved for shotgun season.
17" wide grosses 121 1/8 162 lbs

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