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I shoot a 60-70# bow set at 62,
I don't fault others for shooting higher,
Why does one shoot a 55# bow when 35# is legal min?
Higher poundage is more effective at longer distances,
Some have the luxury of practicing at 30-40-50 yds on a regular basis,
Some who shoot open fields and such rarely get 20 yd shoots and need the higher poundage for the longer shots,
Aside from poundage more common problem I see is wrong draw length,
Many take the bow from the shop and try to adjust their shooting to the bow,
Instead should adjust the bow to your shooting,
Too long of a draw length will make it tougher to draw any bow,
As your pulling with you hand at your chest and soley using your back.
Shorter length puts your hand further in front where you have more power,
Taking an inch off the draw can feel like taking 5 pounds off the poundage.
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