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ive used them all here are my top 5 in order.

1. Muzzy 4 blade
2. NAP Hellrazor
3. Rocket Meat Seeker 3 blade
4. Grim Reaper
5. Magnus Buzzcut

I have nothing good to say about rage as they have broken every time i use them, and nothing good to say about G5. i have shot all the G5 broadheads and the montech was the best of them all, that is to say if g5 was the only bh on the market to buy it would be the montech 100g. for me, otherwise G5 sucks. Tekken is a joke. so is Tekken 2, so is T3. all fixed blades are goind to require adj. thats just it. i like mechanicals so i dont have to but muzzy always come thru for me. never fails me. the nap is a bear to get right but it cuts so well and i like not having to change blades. Tried all NAP, the bloodrunner is awesome. leaves a HUGE hole. but it is so loud. I still to this day shoot the meat seekers and have been shooting them since they were named the undertakers, no adj., never broken a blade. Always open. Grim reapers work awesome enough said. the only reason i dont use the alot is i dont trust the foldback blades 100%. And the Magnus is great for anything. Turkey bear deer it does it all and its simple. Never had a clean pass through tho. cuts well but its just not quite enough for me. Fly straight and penetrate well. Also goes thru bone like no other. thats where i stand. Oh and if you see one called the ATOM DO NOT USE IT. Garbage.
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