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Originally Posted by Average Joe View Post
With the VDGIF voting in favor of Sunday hunting I would think it will happen in 2012. I look forward to making a choice when Sunday rolls around as to whether or not I want to hunt on that day. Thanks to people like you who have taken up the fight to help get this thing approved. I can't think of one person/hunter I know that doesn't want to see this passed. I'm sure it will be a main factor in the fee increases for next year, but it's expected that they will find something to increase fees every year.

Good Hunting!
AverageJoe - Thanks for your support. I hope you joined the Facebook group.

I must note that if someone on here is not on Facebook you can still act. After the election on 11/8 it's time to email/write/call your Delegates and Reps in Richmond. Here is how to find them:

Many of them have stated that they are in favor but their constituents are not. That's simply due to them being louder than us. They MUST hear from us in order to change anything.

Stay tuned.... this is going to be a fun challenge!

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