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Originally Posted by onion721 View Post
The absence scrapes and rubs doesn't necessarily indicate that there are no bucks.
They could prefer scraping on the neighbors property.

We have a small piece of property(18acres) in So. Indiana that never has scrapes, rubs yeah.
But there are tons of scrapes on the adjoining property.

We also have 196 acres across the county that is scraped up like mad..

But the biggest bucks we kill are on the 18 acre property, due to the natural pinch point created by a ridge and creek that connect 2 very large pieces of property.

You got does, you'll have bucks eventually.

If you have any oak trees, that's where I would focus for the next week.
They're killing acorns in my area.
Yeah, thats what I am counting on is the Does, realize the bucks will follow. I have plenty of Oaks but with Corn still up I havent seen anything showing they are headed that way. It will come and they shall "paas"
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