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Originally Posted by emtrescue6 View Post
I have a friend that swears by his .243 for everything he hunts...from deer to yotes and elk to black bear...and he does very well...dude hunts everywhere near year around with 1 rifle...a beat up 20 year old savage in .243 with a cheap a$$ simmons scope...yet he painstakingly hand loads his ammo...LOL

Point is...a nice light, accurate, durable rifle will be more important than one that tosses out big diameter lead.... accuracy is always king.
And your friend wouldn't be allowed in most elk camps with his .243. Just because he can kill an elk with it doesn't make it the best choice. If he's dead set on a .243, that's his business but there are a lot better choices out there. If that's all someone can afford or that's their personal choice, then more power to them. I can afford what I want and I prefer to shoot something with more power.

I will dare to say that I shoot my 300 ultra mag better than MOST HUNTERS shoot their 30.06 or their 270. Why, because I practice more than MOST HUNTERS. I know there are a lot of guys that can out shoot me anyday of the week. But it will be someone who practices a lot or someone with a God given talent. I love shooting my 300 ultra mag and I feel it gives me the best rifle for the job.

That being said, I hunted with my 30.06 today. I had a shot and let him walk. I hope I'm not sorry for that latter!!
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