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I bought 3 G5 Montecs for $35.00 a couple years ago.
Theyre the toughest broadhead on the market.
You can shoot a cinder block at 20 yrds & still shoot a deer with the same broadhead.

Ive used the same 'one' broadhead on the same arrow for the last 3 seasons. (Its my lucky arrow)
7 dead deer with my G5 Montec, always had a complete pass-through & Ive never had to sharpen it yet. I put a doe down at 20 yrds Tuesday night & she dropped where she stood. She dumped all 8+ pints of blood in about a minute & a half & was dead within 2.

The thing I like most about the Montecs, you dont have to worry about replacement blades. Once you put it on your arrow, its on your arrow till you take it off. No maintenance or assembly required.

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