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I have elk hunted in WA, OR, ID, CO, MT and WY over the past 25+ years...grew up hunting in some of the harshest elk country in the world around Mt. Adams in WA...and have packed several different rifles on these trips...mostly a .308 or .270...but most recently I have carried my Tikka T3 Stainess Lite in .270 WSM...all 3 have killed elk between 200 and 540 yards just as dead as any .300 or .338...weigh less, less recoil and costs less to shoot.

I have a friend that swears by his .243 for everything he hunts...from deer to yotes and elk to black bear...and he does very well...dude hunts everywhere near year around with 1 rifle...a beat up 20 year old savage in .243 with a cheap a$$ simmons scope...yet he painstakingly hand loads his ammo...LOL

Point is...a nice light, accurate, durable rifle will be more important than one that tosses out big diameter lead.... accuracy is always king.
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