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I have over the years literally thousands of pics over Magic Mix. It is made in East Texas and i have used it since The owner came out with it. A 5 lb back will bring them in and keep them coming in pourning several small piles with a 50 lb bag of corn works wonders on keeping the animals coming in. I have had great success with this product. The product is affordable. or email me [email protected] have 1800 pics from this year. I put 5 lbs in all of my corn feeders 200-300 pound hoppers (year around) cmere dere is 25 dollars for a gallon jug. Magic Mix is 8 dollars for 5lbs. i can get some shipped to you? there will be a picture tab on the web site and i am getting all of the pics for the web site. Highly Satisfied with the product.
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