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Originally Posted by salukipv1 View Post
combo requires 1 more animal... but we'll let it slide...

a bow/grizzly, not sure I want to do it with a bow, but def a grizzly! with a 375h&h I'm thinking...

and alone? no backup/guide? your combo might be a grizzly and a casket... haha.

I knew a guy who took a big brown with a bow...had the guide, but lost the guide on the stalk...he kinda got tunnel vision he said and just went after the bear....he shot, then got down, that was the plan....the guide was nowhere to be found... a couple hundred yards back....but he made a good shot and got the job done. pretty fun/awesome story to hear from a guy who's actually done it, I think he was like 9 yds away, something super close like that...
My combo I listed earlier. Elk and muley buck.

The grizz is more of a dream hunt.
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