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I did a bit of research such as you and ended up using the A.R.E. Z series with shop windows on the side that have slide window in the middle. This is my second A.R.E cap or topper as I changed trucks. I have also added Yakima roof racks. I can get this truck with racks in a 7 ft garage door. The cap has a slide window in the front. Nice thing is that big slide window will fold in for easy cleaning. To the underside of the bolt attachment of the Yakima roof rack bar attachment (inside the cap)- I added a galvanized garage door handle to which I hang my coats. Very handy. All windows lock with one key. I also added the carpet cap liner.
The cap has been leak free since 2006!

Go online as I did find a 50 buck off coupon from my dealer which was in Milw. WI. Might find the same by you.

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