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Originally Posted by falcon View Post
Bergall, having worked in your home state of Lautenbergstan, i can understand your distrust of liberal Democrat politicians. Your gas is pumped by union members who may key your car if not tipped. You can't make left hand turns and owning a gun is an exercise in patience, if not futility.

You could move south to one of the red states, However, with the exception of VA, FL and TX the economy here pretty well sucks. One the other hand, who needs an economy when you have football, Nascar and Jesus?
ah...the holy trinity.....but seriously, my relocation is not dependent on the economy..I work from home so as long as I can get a high speed internet connection, I'm good to go.... I like florida (fishing) and I like Texas (hunting) Va is, I think, a highly taxed state....

getting back to the matter at hand.....the allegations are complete with all sorts of documentation.... I do not like this trend for one reason and one reason only; If it causes Obama to bow out of running for a 2nd term, they will prop Hitlery up there and she will walk away with the presidency, IMO. Right now, obama is headed for a monumental defeat and I don't want anything to upset THAT apple cart....
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