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Judging by your second question your not to handy. If you were I'd say skip buying a designated saw that will just cut arrows and by something that is a multi use.

I'm a carpenter with many different saws and a good knowledge of blades and I use one of my miter saws with a fine toothed carbine tipped blade and a backer board that holds the arrow true and keeps the back of the arrow from any splintering (not needed but I do it just because that's always good). My saws are good enough to cut things way more difficult and expensive, they sure can cut an arrow. Just saying, buy something like that and use it for other things or sell it when your done.

Truthfully I don't think arrow saw are all that good of a saw and would never spend the money on one. A dremel will do it but I wouldn't use one of those either. When I do use one they create a lot of dust and carbon dust isn't good for you, beside you'd have to build a jig to cut them square. A pipe cutter I'd use if I was days away from civilization and needed an arrow to keep from starving. The wheel for starters is a wedge and a wall as thick as an arrow would be like cutting it with an axe.

The glue is per manufactures recommendations. On some I skip there talk and use super glue and quickly, don't try that with HIT insert. Not big on reading directions I take it.
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