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Thanks everyone for the info. Keep it coming!

Originally Posted by muleyman
I used to hunt the area around Chadron a lot when I went to school up there. That was where I started big game hunting, and I started with the muzzle loader. There are plenty of deer up there in the state park area, both muleys and whiteys. You should have pretty good luck if you put in the time. We always had good luck knocking on doors and asking permission as well. Nice people up there, so don't be afraid to ask. The worst that can happen is that they can say no, and you say thanks anyway and move on. Best of luck to you!

Muleyman, first off awesome buck in your avatar pic. If you don't mind me asking, which state park are you referring to up there? Fort Robinson? We will definitely have to get the nerve to go up there and ask permission. Thanks again.
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