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Yes it caMIGHT be done but needs to be done by a professional. The dog was never introduced to the gun properly. I see too many people take a pup to a shooting range or bang pots and pans and create a problem before the dog ever sees its first bird. Sorry but thats it in a nutshell. Age is no issue as with constant postive repetition for any dog.

To over come this the dog needs to be given birds for quite a while until it shows interest in the bird. It can be a simple dead pigeon but live birds and allowing the dog to chase said bird is the way to go. Hopefully the dog likes to retrieve. If the dog shows no interest in live birds you need not proceed any further. Nothing can be done as the desire just is not there.

But, once if the dog has its prey drive, and does like birds, a bird is flown and a shot is introduced at some distance away (can be as far as 100 yds or more). This is only doen when the dog is totally focused on the bird. If this all goes good the gunner can move closer until a bird could be shot for this dog. The retrieve here becomes the ending reward to the dog. But it can be a slow process and not done correctly may not fix the issue that as been created. Especially if the dog has no desire to hunt.

Water is the same thing. Never push this dog in, or toss this dog in. If the dog will chase birds use a wing clipped live duck with its feet taped in a shallow pond. Most times the chase, which turns on the prey drive of the dog, will help the dog over come the fear of the dog leaving the safe bottom and swim. Enough of this and in conjunction with above one could switch to dead birds thrown. But birds and lots of them will be the answer IMO.

But to me, seek professional help. I have seen hunting dogs who have been shot over many times develop quirks - one just never knows


PM me and I will give you a name of a kennel that may be able to help you.

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