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Default Dog Training??

Hey everyone. Just joined the forum. I started hunting birds 2 years ago. Just before that I adopted a Lab and thought he would be a perfect dog and hunting partner. Well, because of money and time constraints, I wasnt able to get him any formal training. He is now just over 3 years old. I took him to the lease last year during dove season and he had followed me behind the cabin when I had my 12 ga with me. I decided to fire off a shot (with the advice of a friend who has been hunting for 30+ years) and my dog tucked tail and ran to the front of the cabin. I didnt chase him or try to console him from being scared. Anyway, fast forward to today, anytime I take my rifle or shotgun out of the closet, he just runs away and cowars in the corner. I am wondering 2 things.
1) Can I ever break him of this at his age?
2) Can I ever make him a hunting dog at this age?

Oh, and the other thing, he is afraid of water. He will get in shoulder deep but thats about it. Like I said, I adopted him after he was left on the front door step of a shelter so I am thinking he was traumatized when he was with his first owner.

Thanks everyone.
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