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Can't keep the worms out of ours--tried everything short of Napalm. Might be the variety we grow--trees are about as old as I am, new ones aren't producing yet. Trees produce so much the limbs break, but you might get a bite or two off of each--worms ruin the rest. Only thing worse than biting into one and finding a worm is biting into one and finding half a worm.....

Pears have been/are excellent this year--best I've ever eaten, period.

Muscadines and skuppernongs are just starting to ripen--they are candy as usual.

Can't wait for the new vines to start producing--within the next year or three I should have enough blackberries, blueberries, and grapes to supply the community. Boco Noir and Cayuga vines did a little bit this year, Zinfandel tried but got some kind of weird bug on them and the grapes died before they ripened. Have to catch them sooner next year so I can zap them. May plant some Concord and Niagra this fall...haven't decided yet. Thinking about moving my fence and turning a little section of pasture into a orchard/vineyard...I just love to watch the stuff grow. Got more than I can ever use now, probably have more than I can give away once the new vines and bushes get going.

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