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Pool is good for cardio, but as stated, you need to work on legs. I use a stationary bike a lot. Non-impact for my knees and since it is 100+ degrees every day here in Texas, it is much cooler! Wally world usually has them for not much more than $100.

I definately would look at trying to master a cow call. If you haven't ever, I recommend investing in some tapes from Elknut.com He doesn't put out hunting tapes, just info on what elk are saying and what to say back to them. Best money I ever invested in "how to elk hunt" stuff.

I finally figured out a mouth diaphragm, which is really the best way to go, but there are also some other good ones. Primos hyperlip single is a good reed call and there are others. I have heard good and bad on hoochie mamma. I have one. You just never know what will work on a given day. I generally take all three.

What general area will you be hunting in?

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