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I don't think the AMerican revolution descended to your own standards for what would be required for armed revolt. We were not eating pinecones and dirt...yet...we took up arms against the greatest military power on earth at the time. I think armed revolt can take place over ideas and ideals as well, and if we're on the verge of starvation and millions are dead from drought and famine, the revolution is lost, if it ever got off the ground. I do believe there are those who would make the attempt, but I also believe they would be taken down quickly and hard.

I did allude 'tangentially' (great word...!) to the fact that it is not only the immediate combatants who engage in revolt. THey cannot succeed without populist support and once the general populace is engaged, you have an effective 'army' of hundreds of thousands. Other than these 2 'niggling' points, I agree with you 100%.

And I dont see any 'point' that's been missed. Rather, an opinion has been challenged and/or impeached.
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