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I first get the knife as cleans as possible before I use the bleach and hot water. I do NOT use a high concentration of bleach with the hot water. It is then washed again with dishwashing soap and rinsed very well to remove any bleach.

Stainless WILL rust. It is stainless and not stainproof for a reason. SS has a resistance to rust, but given the right conditions stainless steel will rust. I will use a mineral or gun oil (make sure the gun oil has never been contaminated with your gun cleaning process). Before I plan to use it on meat, I will wash it again to remove any oil. If it did not get used, it will re-oil it again for storage.

The 110 has a wood handle, so I would not let it soak in water or put it in the dishwasher. I have never tried the dishwasher method, so I cannot comment on what affects it may have on a knife. If you have hard water, I would be more reluctant to use the dishwasher.
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