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Default RE: how long to rattle and grunt

Rattling: I start off with a 20-30 sec low intensity rattling session than wait about 20 minutes, where I will increase the intensity slightly and the duration. I continue this pattern till I reach about a minute or so long session with my max intensity (which is low to some standards). My rattling has always been grinding and tinkling vs smashing the horns toegther. I also add thumping on the ground, raking of trees and low toned grunts to finish off each sequence. I my wait time is from 15 min. to 40 min. between sessions.

Grunting: I rarely grunt when a deer is looking my way, their ability to pick up and key on to any noise or movement is among the best of any game animal. I have however grunted with the tube facing a different direction to allow a window to shoulder or draw the bow, this has been mixed with some success and sometimes nothing just stare downs. I mostly use grunting to stop, turn or draw on visual contacts of deer that are strolling by and I am interested in. I never grunt at a deer I don' t intend to harvest, see above comments...just makes no sense to bust your spot for fun. I also will use the grunt or doe bleat to cover up my noise, I usually stop grunt and then wait. I blind call when rattling my calls vary from doe bleats, social grunts, contact grunts, tending grunts and sometimes more aggressive grunts. If using aggressive grunts it can be a double edge sword, yes true it can draw a dominant buck out but it can also drive many bucks away (including some dominant bucks who careless to fight or have been wooped) As such I suggest staying with the nonthreating variety until you get a good grasp on calling and your area. These include: contact, social and tending grunts.
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