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I guess I will brag about my day on Friday April 22nd. I started the morning hearing 4 birds gobbling a long ways off. They were on another property. I set up close to the property line to see if I could call one of them in. Just as I sat down, one gobbled behind me about 200 yards away. I set up on him. I eventually called him in. It was a jake. It was fun watching him strut and hearing him gobble. This is when I realized I was sitting on a Copperhead. Read the "I sat on a Copperhead" thread. After I realized I was a lucky man, another bird gobbled about 200 yards to my right. I set up quickly and started calling. He was very vocal at this point. When he came out, I discovered it was another jake. I started to let him walk, but this was my last day of the season and I wanted some more meat, so I decided to take him. I normally don't shoot jakes, but I love fried turkey strips. This was my third bird of the season. The shot was 40 yards. He was a little closer than that at first, but I was hesitant in shooting him when he first came out. He weighed 15 lbs, 1/2 spurs, and had a 5 inch beard. His spurs were pretty long for a jake, but he was a jake. The wind started blowing about 25 mph. I debated whether to go out in the afternoon. Mind you, I'm in Texas, so it's legal to take more than one bird in a day. I get out there about 5:00 and do some calling. At about 5:30 I call in a hen, and she is really talking to me. No gobbler shows up. At about 6:00, I hear a gobble way off, but because of the wind, I couldn't exactly tell where it came from. I had an idea it was to my left, so I went that way. I called some more, and I was correct where the gobble came from. I set up, but the bird was coming no closer. I moved closer to him. Eventually I could tell he was closer and coming my way. I finally see a bird coming, but it's another jake, but I see the Tom about 75 yards behind him. The jake eventually comes on in, but the Tom is hesitant. By now it's about 7:15. I've been working these birds for about an hour and the Tom is about 80 yards out. I made a few soft calls and he goes into full strut and slowly inched closer. At about 7:20, he is what I'm guessing 50 or 60 yards out. I can tell he is now getting a little nervous. I have my sights on him and am asking him to walk about 5 or 10 yards closer. Of course he doesn't oblige. He starts to turn and walk off. I knew it was now or never. I squeezed the trigger and down he went. It was about 7:25. The shot was around 50-55 yards. The Rem. HD's are awesome. He weighed 20 lbs 12 oz., had matching 1 inch spurs, and a 10 inch beard. Bird # 4 ended my season on a great note. The day could have been a disaster, because of the snake, but the good Lord blessed me. My season is now over and I already miss it. Now it's time to fill the freezer with some fish. These are the pics of my two last day birds.
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