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The directions with RCBS dies are very thorough for setting up the dies. Speer has an excellent (probably the industry standard) book, my copy is a few years old. I would check to make sure your round is in it.
Safety tips: When you sit down to load, absolutly no distractions! No TV, etc. Complete the routine you are doing. Allways wear eye protection.
NEVER load a round outside of the manuals recommendations, and be very leary of an unlisted round that is recommended to you.
A digital scale greatly speeds up loading. I hand weigh all rifle rounds to ensure the greatest consistency of powder weights.
Be sure to check all sized case length.
In 30 years of reloading, I have never had a misfire or accident, but breaking from the routines and guidelines almost guarantees an accident or misfire.
Speer has excellent phone technical support if needed.
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