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Okay guys here is the storys of my three turkeys. Turkey #1 I roosted some turkeys Tuesday night got set up about hundredfifty yards from them early next morning started doing some tree calling got four different gobblers fired up. After fly down I could tell one was getting closer as he gobbled. Thats when I call just enough to keep him interested. He was fired up double and tripple goblling as he came closer suddenly he started alarm putting and flying right towards me. He flew up in the only tree between me and him. I am going what in the world did he do that for? Then I saw a coyote coming towards the decoys. He ran about five yards and got my scent from the decoys, and was gone. If that turkey would not have been right there I would have rolled that coyote up. What seemed like 20 minutes I sat there holding up my shotgun. I could tell that the turkey was nervous. He finally flew down about 40yds away and was not wanting to hang around he started running off so I folded him up at 50yds. Turkey #1 was down by seven a.m. He was a two year old Rio 17lbs 8.75 inch beard 7/8 inch spurs. I will try to get some pictures on later. I will have to tell other stories later as well my kids are dying to go play outside.
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