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Here's a pic of the bird I entered. He was part of a group of 5 toms. It was late afternoon and windy. I had set up at 5am, in a small clump of trees over looking a small field with a stock tank in it. No luck, so I left for an area below I had heard other gobblers the day before. After lunch, I realized that I was missing one of my fave slate calls (QB Finisher).

After checking out a few other places, that turned out to be dead, I returned to the morning spot, hoping to find my call in the grass. As luck would have it, it was there. Just then, I noticed some hens through the trees, feeding across and over a hill about 75yds from me, with a tom in tow. I dropped down the hill towards the truck, and out of their line of sight. I circled around to the right, to get behind them. Once they crested the hill, I walked at a crouch towards them with the wind almost in my face. There was a shallow bowl between me and the crest that the turkeys had gone over. I looked it over, in case there was a pheasant or quail I might bump. Nothing, but just as I looked up at the far crest (60yds away), I see 5 white heads on red necks, looking my way. I froze and so did they.

All of a sudden, one tom resets his wings, and starts walking downhill at an angle to my left, but in my direction. As soon as the others followed, I ducked down behind the slope I was on, and worked my way left. I only went 15-20 yds, before getting downslope of the left edge of the bowl.

I got my feet planted under myself, and the tom farthest on the left just got his head to where he could see me. I popped up gun ready...bead on leftmost bird at 20-25yds...CLICK! I hadn't shucked a shell into the chamber. The other toms startled for a quick .5secs, and spun around to make tracks. I put the bead on the bird second from the right...BANG! At 33yds, the Rem Wingmaster HD punched his ticket.

If I hadn't lost that call and noticed it.... Maybe I should lose calls more often? Naahh!
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